Pebbles Aftercare Centre

Pebbles Aftercare Centre is a affiliated to Cornerstone College which is located near our premises.


The Pebbles After-Care Centre is a service offered by Cornerstone College for its own Grade R to Grade 7 learners. We offer the following:
• The Pebbles After-Care Centre will arrange activities to care for your child after school.
• Time will be given for the learners to do their homework under general supervision.
• Limited assistance will be provided, but we do not guarantee that learners finish their homework. The checking of homework and the signing of the homework diary remains the parents’ responsibility.
• A simple lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.

Learners are required to cooperate with the Pebbles After-Care Centre staff at all times and to maintain excellent behaviour. The school code of conduct and disciplinary processes also apply to the Pebbles After-Care Centre. If there are behavioural or other problems, the learner must be collected immediately upon request by the Pebbles After-Care Centre Manager.


• The Pebbles After-Care Centre opens at 2:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays and at 1:00pm on Fridays. It opens after school on days when school closes early.
• Pebbles closes at 5:15pm every day.
• To collect your child, please report to the school’s reception for collection times before 3:45pm, and to the pedestrian gate in front of the second building after 3:45pm. Your child will be fetched by a messenger. Please make allowance for at least 15 minutes for your child to be brought to reception or to the gate.
• Learners may be collected at any time after Pebbles opens, but not later than 5:30pm.
• No discount or refund is available if learners are collected before 5:15pm.
• A reduced rate is available for learners who are collected every day before 3:30pm. Please apply to the Principal in writing with an explanation if you wish to be considered for this service. The full fee will be charged if the learner is collected after 15:30.

Please take note of these important points when collecting your child:
• Learners must be collected and signed out by the person signing this agreement, or by a person nominated in this agreement.
• The learner will not be released to a person who is not duly authorised according to the terms of this agreement. In such cases the child will be considered to be abandoned and the relevant clauses of this agreement will apply.
• The learner will also not be released if the person collecting the learner refuses to sign the register. In such cases the child will be considered to be abandoned and the relevant clauses of this agreement will apply.
• The school administrators or Pebbles Manager must be notified in good time if the learner will be collected by someone else.
• The Pebbles After-Care Centre Manager must also be notified at 072 247 4341 if there are any changes of arrangement or delays in fetching the learner.
• Learners not collected by 5:30pm without acceptable notification will be assumed to be abandoned. Cornerstone College will take the necessary steps to safeguard the learner and will notify Social Services and the SAPS.
• Care of the learner after 5:30pm will charged to the parent at R200 per hour, or part thereof.
• If a learner is collected after 5:30pm, the learner may be excluded from the day-care facilities thereafter and this contract will terminate without further notice.
• If parents/guardians are unable to collect their children on time due to extenuating circumstances, they must immediately notify the Pebbles After-Care Centre Manager at 072 247 4341.

The After-Care Centre also looks after learners who are not collected on time after school:
• Learners in Grades R to 7 who are not part of the Pebbles After-Care Centre and are not collected from school by 2:15pm (Foundation Phase) or 3:15pm (Intermediate Phase) on Mondays to Thursdays, or 1:15pm on Fridays, will be transferred to the Pebbles After-Care Centre. This also applies to learners found loitering or sitting in vehicles outside the
• The parent/guardian will be charged the daily rate per afternoon, or part thereof, without further notice.
• If a learner is not collected on time after school and has already been excluded from the Pebbles After-Care Centre, he/she will be considered to be abandoned and the same steps will be taken as explained above for children not collected after 5:30pm.

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